Circles of Innovation Offers Sessions on Digital and Traditional Teaching Strategies

A message from Falecia Williams, West Campus Presidentcircles-of-innovation-250wCircles of Innovation was started in March 2013, as a way to create spaces (both physical and digital) where self-directed faculty — those driven by a sense of mastery and common purpose — could come to mingle, contribute, collaborate, solve problems and innovate new forms for great teaching. Sessions are one-hour long and provide information, interactive discussions and the opportunity for participants to experience both digital and traditional strategies that they can use for teaching.

Past topics have included:

  • Learning in the Cloud, where participants experienced and discussed cloud-based technologies and their impact on teaching and learning including the problems and the possibilities;
  • Humor in the Classroom, which focused on the connection between the laughter and learning and why you should use and how to use humor in the classroom; and
  • TED in the Classroom, a session about TED, a forum for amazing speakers to share amazing ideas in three broad subject areas, technology, entertainment and design. TED content is creative commons licensed and closed captioned for free and easy use in the classroom online. If you have never seen a TED talk, start by reading about Tedx at Valencia.

You are invited to attend the next Circles of Innovation Session, Partnering with the Library, on Tuesday, December 10, in Building 6, Room 326 from 1-2 p.m.

Links for the resources, research, classroom activities and presentations are available at website.

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