Collaboration – The Second Essential Supervisory Competency

Collaboration is a cornerstone in Valencia’s culture and the second essential supervisory competency. The collaboration competency includes a wide variety of attributes involving partnering, building alliances, looking for win-win situations, and promoting a participative process.

The observable behaviors for this competency encompass creating and facilitating cooperation among diverse groups and individuals, demonstrating willingness to place the collective interests of a department or team before self-interest, gaining cooperation and support through influence and persuasion, and actively contributing as a team member to achieve results.

A variety of online courses and face-to-face workshops are available to help you strengthen your skills in all five essential supervisory competencies. On pages 44-47 of the Valencia EDGE catalog you can explore online courses that relate directly to the collaboration competency, including courses on problem solving, decision making and negotiating.

If you prefer an instructor-led workshop related to the collaboration competency, turn to page 66 and check out the workshop on Navigating Beyond Conflict, where you will learn how to remove roadblocks and proactively take action when the warning signs of conflict arise.

If you do not have a hard copy of the EDGE catalog, it can be accessed by clicking on the link above, or by logging into Atlas, clicking on the Employees tab, scrolling down to the My Development channel, and clicking on the Valencia EDGE Catalog link.

For dates and locations of all instructor-led workshops please refer to the Spring/Summer 2012 EDGE Schedule (also found in the My Development channel). Please take time to explore the Valencia EDGE Catalog as you create plans for your development and the development of your staff.

If you have questions, or for more information about the essential supervisory competencies, please contact Brent Nakagama at extension 8256 or Erin Tuttle at extension 8257.

To read more about the other supervisor competencies:

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