Communications Center Hosts Murder Mystery Experience

A Message from Falecia Williams, President, West and Downtown Campuses

In collaboration with the Tutoring Center and Hands-On Learning in the Math Center, the West Campus Communications Center hosted an inaugural interdisciplinary experience, the CSI Mystery: Hughes Murder Case. The event, which took place from Monday, September 24 – Friday, September 28, 2018, challenged students to exercise their critical thinking in the areas of science, English, reading, math, psychology, criminal justice, information literacy and the arts to analyze the evidence and identify the correct perpetrator of the crime.

More than 100 students picked up the first clues about the crime at the Communications Center, where they watched interactive videos and analyzed impressions of footwear and tool marks, all designed and produced by the Communications Center staff.

Then, following the trail of clues, students traveled to the crime scene in the Tutoring Center, where they analyzed additional details, such as handwriting samples and composite sketches. Tutorial Center Support Specialist Teresa Gallagher said, “Students were intrigued by walking a crime scene, but, more importantly, they learned there are additional support resources on campus.”

Finally, students moved into the Hands-On Learning area of the Math Center to answer the last three questions regarding blood evidence and probability. Instructional Lab Supervisor Courtney Watson also noted, “Students working on the last and critical clue related to blood type evidence in my area shared how they were not previously aware of this valuable learning support for math students, so these types of events help connect us to students.”

Of the 100 students who started the project, 45 students submitted an answer. Of those, 25 selected the correct solution, and three students were selected winners. Cherie Timothee, who is a nursing major, was the first student to submit the correct answer, thus becoming the first winner. “I couldn’t wait to get started with the CSI challenge,” Cherie shared. “It relates to my major, and I liked that we had to move from one location to the other to solve the crime.”

Two other winners were chosen at random at the end of the week from the remaining correct answers — Juan Albarran Corona and Austin Kweyete.

Instructional Lab Supervisor Amy Downs created and organized the project. “It was a good experience for our staff to work together on this project, designing the evidence and the real-life research experience for students,” Amy commented. “We hope to offer more collaborative events in the future, especially when we receive such positive feedback from students and faculty.”

A huge thanks to Senior Instructional Lab Assistant Mia Sotis, Adjunct Professor of Student Life Skills Rick Sotis and Part-time Faculty for English for Academic Purposes Sabrina Ramos-Cotto, who all starred in the short videos, which were then edited by Instructional Lab Assistant Karen Rivera-Guillermety. Students and other staff played an active role in designing the set.

Sponsored by Student Development, the Communications Center and Writing Center will host the Fall Connection on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m., which will feature Rick Sotis as Edgar Allan Poe who will read “The Raven” as the center celebrates the autumn season with a Gothic American Literature focus.

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