Don’t Go It Alone: Take Advantage of a Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation Near You

Whether you’re looking to incorporate new activities into your classroom or thinking about your own development, you don’t have to go it alone.

Thanks to the Centers for Teaching/Learning Innovation (CTLI), you can connect and collaborate with Valencia’s Faculty and Instructional Development team — who are dedicated to ensuring the success of faculty (and, thus, the success of students).faculty-insight-news-id

The CTLI offers a wide array of services, including partnership in designing your courses/lessons, professional development consultation services, and support with teaching tools, digital engagement and essential competencies.

The best news? There’s a center near you!

With CTLI locations on every campus, it’s easy to access the assistance you need.

Click here to discover where the CTLI location is on your campus.

For more information, contact the CTLI campus director at the location most convenient for you:

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