East Campus Strengthens DirectConnect Partnership

East Campus has strengthened its DirectConnect partnership with its first annual Students Early Exploration (S.E.E.) UCF event on February 1, 2013. The event was a collaboration between Valencia’s learning support and student development offices and the transfer and transitions services office at UCF.

Students who enrolled in the Student Life Skills (SLS1122) course at Valencia were hosted by UCF for an all-day scholastic program featuring meetings with academic advisers, faculty, UCF students (many were Valencia Alumni) and career services staff. The students were also provided with a walking tour of the UCF campus to become more familiar with the campus’ culture and geography.

“Our purpose for S.E.E. UCF is to help students begin early transfer planning, and to expose students to transfer pathways and university life as early as possible,” said Leonard Bass, dean of learning support on East Campus. “The SLS1122 course [on] East Campus was an ideal partner for this event as students are required to do a goals research paper in the course and many of the students who enroll at Valencia have not been to the UCF campus, which is just down the street.”

Sharisse Kenney, East Campus DirectConnect transfer advisor for UCF, shared, “At a time when there are so many uncertainties in higher education, the partnership between our institutions is even more important for our students. The S.E.E. UCF event sets an example not only to the community, but to our students that we understand the challenges they face, and [that] we are going to be here for them from the beginning to ensure they progress to graduation with as much potential for success as possible.”

The following are some of the comments from students who participated in S.E.E. UCF:

  • “It was a fun event, met lots of cool people at UCF. I am definitely coming to this school when I graduate from Valencia.”
  • “I’m now excited to attend UCF and fulfill my dreams.”
  • “I was shy the first 10 minutes and didn’t know what to expect, but once I connected with the group and found an interest in a major at UCF it became more meaningful and I realized we were all in the same position.”
  • “I had a great time. I learned everything that I need to know about my major and transferring to UCF.”

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