Explore Features That Come With Updating Zoom

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

By Jaclyn Taylor, Coordinator, Employee Development

If you haven’t gone through the quick process of updating Zoom recently, take my advice and a few minutes. It will be worth it, as the update includes new, fun and useful features.

To update within the Zoom application, click on your photo or initials in the top right corner. Then, click “Check for Updates.” Updates will be completed automatically.

Check out some of the new features:

Backgrounds and Filters  Are you a fan of Snapchat or Instagram filters? Well, the most recent update of Zoom lets you unleash your creativity at work. Enjoy wearing various hats, headbands, as well as some characteristics of furry friends. When would you use these in a meeting? Use them while having some fun during celebrations or even during team building activities.

Studio Features!*  This feature — In Beta testing and available to some Zoom Customers —  allows for touchups of eyebrows, lip coloring and facial hair, specifically. Want to sneak in a work out between meetings but won’t have time to put yourself together? Use this feature along with the Zoom Touch-Up under video settings to be camera-ready in seconds. Please note, camera-ready is whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

*Keep in mind, visual settings may automatically save and be applied to all future meetings.

Participant Choose Breakout Rooms — Now available, hosts can give participants the option to choose a breakout room. For facilitators, this gives you the option to create more organic opportunities for discussions. Rename rooms based on topics, and allow participants to choose which discussion they would like to partake in.

New Reaction Options — Reaction options now include thumbs up, laughing and celebrations. Use these to gather feedback from the group as you go.

Follow Host’s Video Order — Want to have participants share stories in a particular order? You now have the option to re-order participants in the gallery view, then hold that same view in place for participants. Do this by clicking on a person’s video, moving to the desired spot, and choosing the option.

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