Faculty Governance Updates, May 2012

From Rob McCaffrey

Hello Valencia Faculty,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us. Due to time considerations, this update won’t have a video counterpart. I’d like to update you on the following major points:

Continuing Contracts
During the week of May 21, faculty held three meetings to discuss an upcoming State Board of Education rule development on continuing contracts. Some of the suggestions that emerged from those meetings include:

  • Retaining flexibility in the amount of time it takes to earn a continuing contract. Valencia already has a strong three-year process, and there are concerns about being forced to change it to five years.
  • Having transitional language that allows “grandfathering in” faculty currently in the TLA pipeline in the event a five-year process becomes the rule.
  • Keeping the current due-process language.
  • Maintaining local authority in the design of any performance review process.

I’ll summarize these and other suggestions on the Department of Education website. If you are interested, you can do the same by viewing the proposed changes on the Florida Administrative Code website, and by submitting your comments here.

Institutional Effectiveness Component of Faculty Compensation
Many of you have been involved in program-level assessment work over the last couple of years. In addition to creating improvements to our programs, this was the work faculty agreed would be the measure for the institutional effectiveness component of our compensation plan.

On May 15, we evaluated the progress on the work and determined we had met the requirements. One hundred percent of all programs have a faculty-approved assessment plan and at least 90 percent of those programs have submitted an improvement plan based on assessment results.

We still need to do the calculations that will let us know the specific amount of compensation we’ll receive, and I’ll get that information out to you as soon as I can.

Assignment of Classroom and Laboratory Professors
A group of faculty and administrators has been working to clarify and update the policy and procedures that deals with the hours of faculty instruction and engagement. The Faculty Council discussed the current drafts at the May meeting and asked that the conversation continue at the campus-level meetings.

Call for Faculty to Serve
There are several areas of need this month, listed below.

The College Curriculum Committee is looking to replace outgoing committee members. Curriculum is of primary concern to faculty and we make up the major part of this committee. There are roughly 10 meetings per year and the term of service is two years. The committee needs:

  • One representative from humanities
  • One representative from public service
  • One alternate from business
  • One alternate from humanities
  • One alternate from mathematics
  • One alternate from nursing

The College Operations Council is looking for two faculty members to meet two or three times this summer with representatives from administration and staff. The goal of this group is to develop a process to ensure the college’s policies, procedures and practices align with its stated values.

The International Education Steering Committee is looking to replace three outgoing positions.  Volunteers should be interested in international education. There are four to six meetings per year (half with the entire group, half with one of its sub-committees) and the term of service is two years.

The Faculty Council is looking for faculty interested in serving on a standing technology committee. The committee charge and term of service is not yet defined, but the initial idea is to have a faculty group who could develop peer-to-peer technology training and offer a faculty perspective to groups charged with developing, purchasing, and managing technology at the college. This group will have wide representation of disciplines, locations and technology comfort levels.

Rob McCaffrey is the Faculty Association president and a professor of digital media technology. He can be reached via email at rmccaffrey@valenciacollege.edu or at extension 2784.


  • sadik wardeh said:

    I have a concern about those adjuncts who have served Valencia College for more than three decades with distinction , dedication to teaching and helping students succeed in college and in life. However, they have no benefits, no recognition and not even seniority. Is that Valencia's policy? What are Valencia's values towards adjuncts? I, myself, started at Vaencia in 1976 as an adjunct and I am still an adjunct with no benefits and not even seniority. Just last year, I applied for a full-time position at Valencia. Unfortunately, the research committee picked a young lady from Canada. I feel that is Age Discrimination. All my 35 years of meaningful services at Valencia were ignored AND my 141 Valencia leadership workshop hours were ignored also. Is that Valencia's policy? I have spent haf of my life at Valencia. I hope these years will not go in vain. Please respond? Thanks

    AMFri, 01 Jun 2012 06:06:38 +0000Fri, 01 Jun 2012 06:06:38 +0000am12,6:06 am

  • Robert McCaffrey said:


    Come see me so so we

    can talk.

    In addition to talking with me, you may want to talk to the

    East Campus adjunct senators Betty

    Bright and Margaret

    Gonzalez. They are currently advising me on some of the issues you mention.

    AMSat, 02 Jun 2012 05:47:44 +0000Sat, 02 Jun 2012 05:47:44 +0000am12,5:47 am

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