Featured Colleague: Dave Giordano, a Data-loving People Person

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

By Claudia Zequeira

Over the years, Dave Giordano, director, recruiting/placement, Continuing Education, honed in his sales expertise and managed many complex health systems, retail chains and physician groups, among others. With his daily decisions requiring a firm grasp on data and strong people skills, Dave also had a high tolerance for change.

And it is precisely those skills that got him hired and have served him well at Valencia College. In his current role, Dave manages a team working to attract students to the College and provides placement support for the many Accelerated Skills Training (AST) programs Valencia continues to rapidly add to its roster.

“I like data and making decisions with data support,” said Dave. “By analyzing the data and seeing our success, it is now helping to guide our current and future decisions. Also, it amazes our community partners! Graphs and charts tell a story, and I am proud to have created some of these resources for our team.”

Besides recruiting, Dave shares information with community partners and helps leaders understand ways to fund students’ education and programs. He also encourages them to consider partnerships with Valencia to assist individuals who desire to acquire new skills and a new sustainable career. This latter effort, he said, is what he considers one of Valencia’s many contributions to the community.

“Valencia signifies opportunity and support for education and skill development that can help a person to improve the quality of their lives … it’s a cornerstone to the community,” he said.

Dave explained he loves many aspects of his job, especially meeting families, community partners, local leaders and the very many employers across the Central Florida corridor, as they help him make decisions about how best to approach his current role. He also loves the variety of experiences he is exposed to on a daily basis as well as his ability to improve lives; lives he has seen change through the commitment and effort of instructors and leadership.

“Each day is different and new opportunities are identified each day,” Dave said. “I feel that I am in a job where I can directly help others, as others have done for me in my past … It’s probably said all the time when people are interviewed, but it’s the people at Valencia College who inspire me. I have worked for several large fortune 50 companies over the past years, and the commitment and passion for what people do at Valencia College is unmatched.”

Dave, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, from James Madison University, first started at Valencia as an adjunct instructor of team building, communicating as a leader and other workplace skills. It was this exposure to the College, incidentally, that sold him on working here full time.

His supervisor, Carolyn McMorran, assistant vice president of professional and continuing education, praised Dave for his drive, experience and team work.

“Dave is one of the most driven professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. [He] brought tons of much-needed experience to his role as director of recruitment and job placement, said Carolyn. “He takes pride in helping his team, working with employers and helping our students launch great careers. In addition to all of this he also cares deeply about our team and our work.”

Before joining Valencia, Dave worked for Nestle in sales and helped increase hospital contracting, protocol implementation and physician recommendations, among others. For many years, he also worked for Merck and Co., Inc. and Mead Johnson Nutrition. In these positions, Dave was responsible for multiple district and regional sales teams where he sold multi-million dollar brands and life-saving products.

In his spare time, Dave loves spending time with his family and couponing. He also loves gardening, a hobby he said he picked up after attending a gardening session on Learning Day 2020.

“I am re-living my childhood,” he said of his new hobby. “In fact, my dad, now 84, advises me on FaceTime. He doesn’t understand how the video works, but he loves how he can see what I am doing and to be a part of the garden.”

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