Featured Colleague: Ian Infante Tranforms Lives as a Student Services Advisor, Personal Trainer and Tennis Instructor

By Dani Moritz-Long

Improving people’s lives is an essential part of Student Services Advisor Ian Infante’s life. Whether he’s helping athletes improve their tennis game, encouraging people to meet their fitness goals at the gym or transforming Valencia students’ lives, he finds happiness and fulfillment in the betterment of others.

At Valencia, Ian’s accomplished this in numerous ways. First, he did so as a weight training and tennis adjunct instructor. Now, he transforms others as a student services advisor, where he enjoys helping students find their way — both literally and figuratively.

“I would describe the student services advisor as the GPS for the student’s academic journey,” he said. “We encounter students at various points in their journey, and we assist them on navigating through Valencia’s policies and procedures. Whether they are brand new to the College and starting the application process and steps to enrollment, all the way to providing information about graduating and transitioning to a future bachelor’s degree program.”

Like with fitness training, Ian says he enjoys the challenge of working with each student’s unique situation.

“We usually are meeting with students who are encountering some road block that is preventing them from continuing their academic journey,” he said. “I enjoy figuring out how to best help them and also collaborating with my awesome colleagues in other departments so that the student leaves the Answer Center with the best result possible.”

This one-on-one approach and positive mentality, he says, is what he and others find so refreshing about the College.

“Its wonderful to work for an institution that can act as a springboard to an improved way of life,” Ian explained. “We can take someone with a high school diploma and who didn’t necessarily do as well as they should have in school and show them that they can achieve great things. We provide them the tools and the knowledge to succeed not only in school but in their future careers. Most of all we give them hope.”

Joe Sarrubbo, dean of students, East and Winter Park Campuses, says Ian’s dedication to fulfilling Valencia’s mission is commendable. “Ian is unwavering in his commitment of helping all students succeed,” Joe said. “He continuously strives to enrich the lives of the students he works with. His meritorious service to the College is authentic, thoughtful, meaningful and deliberate. Ian does whatever he can to remove barriers to student learning and achievement and to create a climate of inclusion for all students. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our Answer Center team.”

Ian earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Rollins College.

In his free time, you can find Ian spending time with his family — including his wife, who is a fellow Valencia employee — teaching tennis lessons and helping people achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer.

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