Featured Colleague – Jaddie Foggie

By Stephanie McMillen

As a security officer at the East Campus, Jaddie Foggie protects the thousands of students and employees on campus every day.

“I am proud of working within an environment that’s multicultural [and] diverse in all aspects,” Jaddie said. This, he continued, “has allowed me to assist a variety of people in a professional and courteous manner.”

Ken Olsen, security field supervisor for East Campus and Jaddie’s supervisor, shared that he is a valued member of the security team.

“From his first day of assignment to the present, Jaddie has shown his commitment to the surrounding community and especially the college population day in and day out,” Ken said. “He is a fine human being who takes time out for the little things that make a day more enjoyable for those [needing] that little something to make their day brighter.”

After two years of working at Valencia, Jaddie said he most enjoys interacting and engaging with students, faculty and staff, while learning how higher education works and functions.

“My experience working as a security officer at Valencia has instilled within me an interest of wanting to continue pursuing opportunities and a higher education,” Jaddie said.

His first step toward this interest was earning an A.S. in criminal justice from Valencia in 2012. Jaddie is currently a student at the University of Central Florida (UCF) where he is completing a degree in criminal justice, with a minor in mass culture and collective behavior.

“My goal is to work in an environment where I can work with juvenile delinquency, so I can guide them to making better choices,” he shared.

Jaddie recently volunteered at Timber Lakes Elementary School through a UCF and Junior Achievement partnership. He worked with fourth graders (ages 9-10) to help them understand economic success and the relevance of education. His goal is to inspire the minds and hearts of students to become future entrepreneurs. Jaddie is a strong believer that the joy of working with students and making a difference in his community is priceless.

As a result, Jaddie shared that he is also preparing to be a trainer for Junior Achievement, which will allow him to engage with other UCF students so that they can be successful interacting with future assigned classes. Through this program, students gain real world experiences from local businesses where they are exposed to natural, capital and human resources.

In his free time Jaddie enjoys going to Vero Beach and spending time in the gym.

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