Instagram Hashtag #ValenciaNow Exposes Students to Valencia Clubs, Activities and College Life

In 2018, we’re breathing life into social media now more than ever. Students (and employees) may now follow the #ValenciaNow hashtag on Instagram to see how the semester plays out in real time across all Valencia campuses, clubs and organizations. Followers of #ValenciaNow will see content with that tag jump to the front of their Instagram Stories queue and regular feed. 

So far, the hashtag features East Campus students celebrating Puerto Rican culture, West Campus students enjoying themselves during Welcome Back events and the Campus Activity Board on Osceola Campus at a tabling event. To see what else the hashtag has to offer, click here.

Our hope is that Valencia students will be able to see more of what’s happening on campus in any given week and get exposed to more clubs, organizations and activities that they might not otherwise.

So help us make this campaign a success by sharing this with your students today.

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