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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A Message from Amy Bosley, Organizational Development and Human Resources, and Stanton Reed, Past President, Faculty Association, and Professor Business/Accounting

As we continue the work on our Opportunity and Equity Initiative and progress the work of our Strategic Impact Plan, we invite you to join us to serve on the Equity Plan Work Team.

The Equity Plan work team is one of five Institutional Planning teams that are tasked with developing the plans that will inform our Impact Plan goals. In a message last monthBrandon McKelvey, vice president, analytics and planning, shared an initial call for participation on one of the teams. We appreciate the response received, and are now looking to expand the work team for the Equity Plan.

Equity Plan Work Team Explained

Stanton Reed and I will serve as co-chairs for the Equity Plan work team, which will consist of up to13 other members representing the full talents, skills and insights of the College community. Specifically, we seek broad perspectives and mindsets from those who are deeply engaged in the work of creating more equitable organizations and communities.

We are interested in finding partners who represent the full spectrum of thinking and engagement on the topic of equity. This includes, but is not limited to, those who identify as Black, White, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, Native/Indigenous, Bi/Multi-racial or other forms of racial identity. Additionally, we seek the perspectives of those who remain skeptical, questioning and are not quite sure what this work is all about or what it means.

We recognize that the categories of organizational life (employee group, division, role/responsibility) are important in this work but frequently reinforce old patterns and systems that have not yet yielded the equitable organization that we desire for ourselves and our students. As such, those categories will be considered in developing the membership of this team but are not the primary lens through which we are building the team. We look forward to the challenging work ahead and to creating a team that represents the breadth of our colleagues’ thinking, scholarship, perspectives and experiences.

Sign Up to Join the Equity Plan Work Team

Whether you feel called to the equity work at the Valencia, have never volunteered for this type of work or feel skeptical about the overall direction, we invite you to consider joining this team.

If you are interested in helping us advance our equity initiatives, be sure to submit your interest by completing this brief survey. We ask that you submit the completed interest form by Tuesday, April 13, 2021.

Thank you, in advance, for helping us to create an optimal and equitable work and learning environment for our staff, faculty and students.

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