June 2014 Procurement News

Set Printer Default to Black and White to Avoid Costly Print/Copy Fees

lanier-mfd-groveFor all departments that have multi-functional devices (MFDs), which includes color copiers/printers, please set the default to black and white for all your print jobs. You can always switch to color for a job that requires color printing.

The College’s vendor, Seminole Office Solutions, charges for color “images,” which includes copies and print jobs. So far, departments have only been charged an “overage” on the copy side; however, an increase on the printing side will result in charging departments for color prints as well.

While the MFDs are the most efficient means of a print job, nothing is free. The costly toner is included in the monthly service fee, but there is a small fee for each print.

It is important to note that even if you are printing a black and white document, if your default is set to color, the College will be charged for color.

The copy default is black and white, but you may change this, should you need a color copy.

The better informed we are, the better decisions we can make. We also become better stewards of our money.

Billing Address for Pcard Holders

Effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014, the billing address for all Pcard holders will be P.O. Box 3028, Orlando, FL 32802. Your “ship to” address will be the campus location where you are located, but all billing will be to the designated P.O. Box.

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