Library Research Workshops Course Now Available for Students

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The library is offering a Research Workshops course via Zoom and modules to help students with research assignments.

The self-enroll course offers live Zoom sessions and self-paced modules to help students with their research assignments. Each session and module focuses on a different component of the research process and provides practical information and tips that students can incorporate into their papers or projects.

The course works as a companion to research assignments. Faculty may assign students the entire course to complete or select specific modules or live sessions for them. Upon completion of a module or attendance at a live session, students will take an assessment in order to earn a badge. The badges are stored within the course and can be used to verify that module or live session requirements have been met.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Instructors are encouraged to enroll before assigning the course to students. This will provide an opportunity to view the modules and live sessions to see which topics will help students the most with your assignment
  2. The self-enroll link is the same for both instructors and students.
  3. Instructors share the Research Workshops self-enroll course link with students.
  4. Students enroll in the course and complete the assigned modules or attend a specific live session. They will then earn the appropriate badges.
  5. Students submit the badges as proof to their instructor that they have completed the assignment.

Students and instructors may self-enroll in the Canvas course by clicking here.

A sample of course offerings is below:

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