LifeMap 2.0 — Our Valencia Family has Grown

Front row, left to right: Erica Atterbury, Jessica Wooldridge, Alyssa Foxson, Swannie Gonzalez, Alex Torres-Hernandez, Lyndsey Durning, Natasha Maurice, Jennifer Zelek, Sara Thompson and Christopher Walters
Back row, left to right: Hernando Otero, Samantha Ramos, Dan Smith, Steve Thorne, Christin Saro, Shari Hamilton and Nicole Burchette
Not pictured: Chauntel Copeland, Chelsea Zern, Saige Liparulo, Sara Schreiber and Marizayda Torres

A Message from Kim Sepich, Vice President, Student Affairs

I am very excited to announce that our third round of hiring for meta-major specific program advisors at Valencia has been successfully completed. These new team members increase the total number of program advisors at the College to 52 employees.

This multi-year plan was tagged in January 2016 as LifeMap 2.0, which, in part, was a staffing plan to help increase students’ access to having an assigned advisor and a shift from a reactive to a proactive advising philosophy for the College. In January 2017, the second round of program advisors were hired through the LifeMap 2.0 initiative, and, in January 2018, the third round came on board.

Two additional assistant directors of advising were also hired during this final round. The newly hired program advisors — along with the two new assistant directors — went through a comprehensive advisor training program that was facilitated by the directors of advising, assistant directors of advising and multiple program advisors who were hired in 2016 and 2017.

As a result of all the additional new hires, big and audacious changes to advising have occurred:

  • Increased advising connections with students;
  • More opportunities for students to meet with an advisor they know by name; and
  • Students knowing there is a team of compassionate advisors at the College who are excited to help them find their correct pathways and their purpose in life.

East Campus Assistant Director of Advising Celena Ziems expressed her excitement to see LifeMap 2.0 to its conclusion. “I’m excited to welcome our new program advisors, as they contribute a wealth of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and new ideas to our amazing team,” Celena said.

Osceola Campus Assistant Director of Advising Christopher Garner-Quintero feels confident that the new program advisors will be great additions to the already dynamic group.

New team member Dan Smith, who is the assistant director of advising on West Campus, shared, “As a new assistant director of advising, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the third round of program advisor training. I was thoroughly impressed with the program as well as the caliber of professionals we’ve hired to join our team.”

New assistant directors include: 

Chauntel Copeland — East Campus
Dan Smith — West Campus

New coordinator, program advisors include:

East Campus
Chelsea Zern — Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Human Services/Public Safety
Christin Saro — Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
Hernando Otero — Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
Lyndsey Durning — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and Industry/Manufacturing and Construction
Marizayda Torres — Health Science/Pre-Professional Health
Saige Liparulo — STEM
Sara Schreiber — Business
Steven Thorne — Business

Lake Nona Campus
Nicole Burchette — Business
Shari Hamilton — Nursing and Allied Health

Osceola Campus
Alex Torres-Hernandez — Health Sciences
Alyssa Foxson — STEM
Swannie Gonzalez — Business

West Campus
Christopher Walters — Business
Erica Atterbury — Computer Science/Information Technology
Jessica Wooldridge — Nursing
Natasha Maurice — Health Sciences
Samantha Ramos — Education
Sara Thompson — Business

Winter Park Campus
Jennifer Zelek — STEM

To read more about the third round of LifeMap 2.0 advisors and the two new assistant directors, advising, click here.

LifeMap 2.0 was conceived five years ago as part of the Student Success Pathway developed during our Quality Enhancement Plan development. To view an infographic on LifeMap’s student success pathway, click here.

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