Managing Smart: Committing to Performance Management

None of the work we accomplish at the College is possible without the collective support of talented individuals serving across the College. In support of our employees’ efforts, one of the most important aspects of supervision is leveraging available skills, tools and resources in providing ongoing support and development to the members of our teams.

At its core, performance management is a way to activate talent and is infused at each stage of the employee life cycle — from onboarding and setting expectations, to supporting professional development, providing ongoing recognition and feedback, and addressing performance concerns that may arise.

So, what might that look like in practice?

Let’s start with tips for when someone is new to the College and/or your team. To set our employees up for success, as it relates to role clarity and how their work benefits the team, we recommend starting with conversations about their roles and responsibilities, what is expected of them in the workplace as well as what professional development opportunities they are interested in and what resources are available to them. Having these conversations early and often ensures role clarity and that there is a mutual understanding of what is expected of our employees and how we can best support them in accomplishing their goals.

Most importantly, it helps all involved to develop a respectful and meaningful connection as professionals. Because performance management is an ongoing process, these initial conversations can serve as a great foundation to reference in our regular follow-up conversations.

As our relationships and professional connections with our employees progress, it is also important that as part of our commitment to performance management practices we provide ongoing coaching as feedback. These initial expectation-setting conversations serve as great reference points for us to highlight what is going well, as well as draw attention to what might require further development or immediate improvement.

In upcoming articles, we will take a more in-depth look into performance management tools and discuss how supervisors can use coaching to revitalize your department.

For performance management support, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at or 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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