Managing Smart: Creating Stability for Your Employees Through Change

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

It’s no secret that we’re experiencing a lot of change at the College. As supervisors, it’s important that, during times of change, you create stability for your employees to help them embrace the change effectively. How? Here are five ways to provide stability for your team through change.

1. Focus on your goal. “Executing on a strategy, especially one that involves a new strategic direction, is difficult,” explains Cheryl Miller, chief marketing officer of Promethean, in the article, “Four Ways to Create Stability During Organizational Change.” “The original reason to make the change must have been so profound that it warranted the risk of changing the status quo. Do not forget this.” Miller recommends staying laser-focused on the goal and staying true to the overall strategy, while being patient with the journey and timeline to get there.

2. Provide the right resources. “This one might seem like a no-brainer, but in the midst of change, the resources employees need may also evolve,” shares Kristin Ryba, brand strategist at Quantum Workplace in the article, “Lead Through Change: How to Create Stability in the Workplace.” Make sure they have the technology, tools and training they need to get the job done. If you’re not sure what your employees need, ask them.

3. Be clear. “Clarity can be as simple as guiding an employee to the next right step, sharing a big vision for the future or accurately describing a particular situation and desired outcome,” suggests Marlene Chism-Smartbrief, consultant, international speaker and leadership and change management author, in the Fast Company article, “3 Ways You Can Create Stability in Uncertain Situations.” “The number-one rule I share with my clients is this: In all ‘drama,’ there’s always a lack of clarity. Where there’s conflict or confusion, the first question you should ask is not ‘Who’s at fault?’ but ‘Where is there a lack of clarity?’”

Chism-Smartbrief says that areas that may lack clarity include outdated or unenforced policies, constantly changing priorities, ineffective digital communications and misunderstanding about how decisions are made.

4. Stay connected. Check in often and communicate honestly. Chism-Smartbrief recommends being present and transparent by showing up and addressing the concerns of the moment; keeping your employees informed by checking in with regular updates, even if nothing new has developed; and creating context so employees understand what led to the current environment and why decisions have been made.

5. Lead with optimism. We know that you may not always feel optimistic. If you’re feeling uncertain or challenged, turn to your leader or a peer supervisor. “While it’s important to be honest [with your direct reports], you can still inspire hope and positivity among your employees by leading with optimism,” Ryba explains. She suggests highlighting the constants that remain in your organization, operations or business, while also recognizing the progress and achievements made. Also, share why you are hopeful for the future.

Learn more about change management by attending the following session for supervisors facilitated by Donna Thomas from Optum EAP:

How to Manage Change 

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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For additional information on leading through change, take one of the following LinkedInLearning courses:

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