October 2014 Procurement News

Revise Purchase Orders with New Change Request Form

po-change-form-groveThe Procurement Department has developed a Purchase Order Change Request Form for any department that is in need of revising a purchase order. This form is required when a department requests any change to the original purchase order.

To locate the Purchase Order Change Order Request Form, sign-in to Atlas and click on the “Employees” tab. Under “Employee Support,” select “Tools” and then “Valencia Forms.”

For questions regarding the form, please contact purchasing agents Annmarie Wise at awise3@velanciacollege.edu or extension 5543, or Valentina Johnson at vjohnson14@valenciacollege.edu or extension 5542.

Procurement Office Develops Solicitation Request Form for Goods and Services Needed Above $35,000

atlas-solicitation-form-link-groveThe Procurement Department has developed a Solicitation Request Form for any department that is in need of a formal public solicitation. Goods and services above the $35,000 threshold require the College to publicly advertise for these types of commodities.

The new Solicitation Request Form will provide the purchasing agents a better understanding of your needs and timelines. By having the information in advance, procurement will be able to select the right solicitation method, contractual terms and conditions and provide more timely service.

The Solicitation Request Form can be found in Atlas, on the Budget Tab in the Procurement User Resources section on the left-hand side of the screen.

If you have questions regarding public solicitations or the form, please contact Annmarie Wise, purchasing agent, at awise3@valenciacollege.edu or extension 5543, or Valentina Calabrese Johnson, purchasing agent, at vjohnson14@valenciacollege.edu or extension 5542.

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