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At Academic Assembly last Thursday, Dr. Shugart announced several changes to our organizational design that will help us continue to meet the needs of students and our colleagues. Over the next several weeks, The Juice will feature a series called “Organization Matters” where we will share information about our new structure.

Over the past six months, both the vice president of academic affairs and the vice president of institutional advancement positions were vacated. These openings, coupled with other retirements, transitions and the exponential growth we’ve experienced, provided an opportunity to re-imagine the underlying organizational structure that affects how we accomplish our work every day.

This week, you can find a basic sketch of the new senior leadership team, along with a few highlighted areas of responsibility for each, by clicking on the organization chart below.

Over the coming weeks, we will focus on each of these areas and share more about the organizational changes that have occurred, including changes in campus organization, academic affairs, continuing education, human resources, and others. Next week, we will begin by sharing information about new campus structures and will focus on the dean of learning support role (one of two new campus-level dean positions).

As we develop this series, we would like to know more about the questions you have related to the college’s reorganization. Please take a moment and click on “Leave a Comment” below. You can submit questions or comments and we will integrate your feedback in future “Organization Matters” postings.

Read more about the college’s reorganization:

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  • The Grove said:

    I love how this page has three layers… and how they move as you scroll down the page… very cool!

    This is going to be an awesome way to keep the college informed… looking forward to continued reading! Keep up the great work! Dave Heffernan, CJI

    PMWed, 31 Aug 2011 18:57:23 +0000Wed, 31 Aug 2011 18:57:23 +0000pm11,6:57 pm

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