September Procurement News

Week of September 10th-14th

Migration of PaymentNet4

In mid-October, our current PaymentNet software (Legacy) will be upgraded to PaymentNet4. Along with the change, new processes and procedures will be implemented prior to the changeover. One of the major changes is that cardholders will no longer be able to be an approver. Janet Vivian, P-Card administrative coordinator, will be working with departments to determine what would be the best solution for your area.

There will be a new ‘look,’ but it will be user friendly. More controls will be in place and this is a good thing, especially for auditing purposes. Card holders and approvers should expect emails with instructions and updates.


College Policy 6Hx28:6-03.1 states that all purchases shall be made by requisition purchase order, purchasing card, or petty cash procedures. The president or a designee (Keith Houck for contracts and Ed Ames for purchase orders) are the only authorized employees who can commit the college to such expenditures.

A purchase order (PO) is a legally binding document that authorizes the supplier to ship and invoice for the materials and/or services as specified. The purchase formalizes all the terms and conditions of a transaction, including but not limited to: a full description of the item(s) or services being purchased, quantity and unit of measure, delivery and price. Goods or services purchased on behalf of the college must have a PO prior to the receipt of said goods or services. (The P-Card may be used for some items, but not all – see the P-Card Procedures and Guidelines manual for details).

On some occasions, you may not know how much the total cost will be. But we need a PO in place to start the process. For example, the procurement office is required to advertise all formal solicitations and public meetings. Since the Orlando Sentinel is our local newspaper, we need to place legal ads with them. We don’t know how many ads we will place in a fiscal year, nor do we know the cost of each ad. Therefore we start a purchase order in July with a minimal amount. During the year, we reference this PO number on all ads placed with the Orlando Sentinel. The PO is set up like an ‘open PO’ (refer to the Purchasing Module in the Banner Finance Manual) and is open for the complete fiscal year. We can always add to the existing PO by sending an email, which should include the PO number, amount to add and Index to charge.


Week of September 3rd – 7th

MFD (Copier) Toner Status and Ordering

You can check how much toner is available in your unit by pressing the System Status key on your copier control panel. The remaining toner will be displayed in the form of a percentage.

To order toner for your machine, send an email to courier services and include your System ID number.

There is no need to stock toner in your department. Our courier services department is managing the inventory and delivery of toner for our copier fleet. Should an item be out of stock, courier services will contact the vendor for the item(s) and will deliver once received.

Courier Services

Please utilize the following email accounts when requesting copier toner, copy paper, and any other requests you may have. We will be rotating personnel between West, East, and Osceola Campuses and we want to be sure we don’t miss any requests that may come through email.

The procurement website contains additional information including hours of operation, mail pickup/deliver times, mail codes and Tektrack info.

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