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Faculty Governance Updates – May 2013

By Deidre Holmes DuBois Welcome to your May 2013 Faculty Governance Update. This update comes to you from Deidre Holmes DuBois, the new college-wide Faculty Association president. I’d like to introduce myself, share some of my Valencia background, and let you know what’s coming up this year in faculty (and college) governance. In my time […]

Faculty Governance Updates – April 2013

By Rob McCaffrey Online Catalog For the first time ever, our college catalog will exist primarily as an online document. Although not officially announced yet, the catalog is live at Please feel free to check it out. If you notice anything quirky—for instance, if it fails to correctly search for something you think it should […]

Faculty Governance Updates – March 2013

By Rob McCaffrey Faculty Association VP Nominations At our March meeting, members of the Faculty Council nominated three people for the role of Faculty Association vice president. This person, once chosen, will follow our incoming president, Deidre Holmes DuBois in administering the business of the association. The nominees are Carl Creasman (professor of history), Christina […]

Faculty Governance Updates, February 2013

By Rob McCaffrey My time in this role is coming to an end soon. I’m already preparing for summer classes and looking forward to teaching again. Nominations for the next Faculty Association president (for 2014/15) are due on Thursday, March 14. Any of the current members of Faculty Council are eligible, as well as members who served […]

Faculty Governance Updates, January 2013 (Part 2)

By Rob McCaffrey Faculty Conversations Recap We have concluded the set of four receptions intended to discuss important matters of faculty interest. I received a few requests to “live-stream” these meetings from people who couldn’t make any of the scheduled times. Although we didn’t want to change the casual setting of the conversations by having […]

Faculty Governance Updates, January 2013

By Rob McCaffrey Lab Fees I mentioned during the November issue of the Faculty Insight newsletter that the college would try to tackle lingering problems in how we collect and allocate lab fees. The campus presidents are holding a series of meetings in January to begin this process. The initial meetings will be with programs […]

Enrollment Planning – Looking Ahead to Next Year

By Rob McCaffrey A recurring responsibility of the campus presidents over the last month has been to craft an enrollment plan. The superficial goal that you will see as a result of this will be a year-long schedule in place as early as fall of 2013. The underlying goal is to smooth out some of the […]

College Operations Council, November 2012 Meeting

By Rob McCaffrey From the COC Meeting on November 14, 2012 Travel Reimbursement There were two interesting employee travel issues that arose at this meeting. The first is that the college, in an effort to save money, has entered into negotiated contracts with the rental car company Enterprise. This is in addition to a state […]

A Look at Modern Communication Tools

By Rob McCaffrey One of the great things about blogging my meetings is I get to share information with you at a very early stage. What follows is an example – it’s a product that only just was presented to members of Valencia’s senior team this week. I’m going to describe some of its features, […]

Digitalizing Lecture Notes – A Piece in the College...

By Rob McCaffrey As you may know, the college has put forth a lot of effort recently to make textbooks more affordable. Part of this is motivated by the simple desire to make college more affordable, but we are also being driven to some extent by state law, administrative code, and recent work commissioned by the State Board of […]