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Featured Colleague — Paul Eisenbrown

By Joy S. Jones Paul Eisenbrown, instructional assistant at the West Campus, jokes that the job of all lab personnel is 95 percent cleaning and dishwashing as he stands next to a rack of drying test tubes and beakers. Of course the job requires much more to service the 83 labs for biology, microbiology, anatomy, […]

Featured Colleague — Ronald N. Ginn

By Joy S. Jones Ronald N. Ginn is proud of his career trajectory over the last six years at Valencia, transitioning from a work-study student to part-time, to becoming a full-time employee. “My first semester at Valencia, I started as a student at the front desk performing work study at the Osceola Learning Center. From […]

Featured Colleague — Michele Morrell

By Joy S. Jones There’s a famous anecdote about a visit President John F. Kennedy made to NASA in 1961 where he encountered a janitor mopping in a hallway. When Kennedy asked what he did, the janitor is reported to have said, “I’m helping to put a man on the moon, sir.” If you have […]

Featured Colleague — Michael Maguire

By Joy S. Jones For Michael Maguire, operations manager, video productions, Valencia represents access to opportunity, which he experienced first as a degree-seeking student majoring in theater in 1992. “Prior to Valencia, my future prospects were dim and the idea of getting into and affording college seemed impossible,” said Michael, a first-generation college student. “No […]

Featured Colleague — Jason Horton

By Joy S. Jones Jason Horton, student services advisor, describes himself as a “passionate and critical thinking student advocate.” He is inspired by what he sees as Valencia’s ability to innovate and adapt for its students. “I’ve been able to find my purpose and build on my strengths and passions through the learning experience I’ve […]

Featured Colleague — Rachel Luce-Hitt

By Wendy Jo Moyer Rachel Luce-Hitt, coordinator, diversity and inclusion, loves that Valencia provides an opportunity for all students to earn an education. And, she’s proud that she can be a part of providing that opportunity as she works daily to help Valencia meet one of its five values — diversity. “Something I was always […]

Featured Colleague — Remy Ansiello

By Laura Knight According to Remy Ansiello, counselor in the Student Services Department on Osceola Campus, the familiar, if not clichéd saying, “the early bird gets the worm” has a lot to do with the start of his career at Valencia in September of 2000, as a work-study student in the East Campus Humanities Department. […]

Featured Colleague — Mehdi Khoumassi

By Laura Knight Mehdi Khoumassi, information technology manager of Campus Technology Services at West Campus, was challenged by his father, who was on the verge of retirement at the time, to complete his bachelor’s degree so that he could retire without worrying about his son. Mehdi not only completed his bachelor’s degree, but around that […]

Featured Colleague — Bornunderstanding Allah

By Laura Knight It seems as though Bornunderstanding (Born) Allah, student services advisor on the East Campus, was destined to work at Valencia. In middle school he participated in the U.S. Department of Education’s GEAR UP program, where he met Grace Acevedo, assistant director of transition services on the East Campus. From that positive experience, […]

Featured Colleague — Elvin Cruz

By Laura Knight Elvin Cruz is adept at helping Valencia students figure out where to start, when to complete their programs and how to handle everything in between as they embark on their college careers. As a student services advisor in the Answer Center on East Campus, he guides students through the enrollment process, helps […]