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Featured Colleague — Remy Ansiello

By Laura Knight According to Remy Ansiello, counselor in the Student Services Department on Osceola Campus, the familiar, if not clichéd saying, “the early bird gets the worm” has a lot to do with the start of his career at Valencia in September of 2000, as a work-study student in the East Campus Humanities Department. […]

Featured Colleague — Mehdi Khoumassi

By Laura Knight Mehdi Khoumassi, information technology manager of Campus Technology Services at West Campus, was challenged by his father, who was on the verge of retirement at the time, to complete his bachelor’s degree so that he could retire without worrying about his son. Mehdi not only completed his bachelor’s degree, but around that […]

Featured Colleague — Bornunderstanding Allah

By Laura Knight It seems as though Bornunderstanding (Born) Allah, student services advisor on the East Campus, was destined to work at Valencia. In middle school he participated in the U.S. Department of Education’s GEAR UP program, where he met Grace Acevedo, assistant director of transition services on the East Campus. From that positive experience, […]

Featured Colleague — Elvin Cruz

By Laura Knight Elvin Cruz is adept at helping Valencia students figure out where to start, when to complete their programs and how to handle everything in between as they embark on their college careers. As a student services advisor in the Answer Center on East Campus, he guides students through the enrollment process, helps […]

Featured Colleague — Kaitlyn Brooker

By Laura Knight Kaitlyn Brooker began working at Valencia in 2011 on Osceola Campus as a student services advisor and is grateful to her “Osceola family” for teaching her everything she knows about working in higher education. She recently transferred to the East Campus in the same capacity. “I love my job, [and] I want […]

Featured Colleague — Hank Van Putten

By Laura Knight After his retirement from Newton Public Schools in Massachusetts, Hank Van Putten decided that 35 years of teaching just wasn’t enough, so in 2011, he joined Valencia as an adjunct professor of student life skills on East Campus. “The desire to work with students remains at the forefront for me … the […]

Featured Colleague — Gregg Buckingham

By Laura Knight with contributions from Isabel Hagan, Operations Manager at Winter Park Campus Gregg Buckingham, adjunct professor of political science at Winter Park Campus, is new to Valencia but not new to teaching. Previously, he taught as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Central Florida. Now at Winter Park Campus, Gregg is […]

Featured Colleague — Janet McKee

By Laura Knight Janet McKee, coordinator of benefits in Human Resources, is extra busy right now. It’s the first few days of the two-week open enrollment period for 2014 benefits for full-time employees, and her office is buzzing with calls and visitors. It’s a challenge that this Air Force veteran is apt to take on, […]

Featured Colleague — Valentina Calabrese Johnson

By Laura Knight Valentina Calabrese Johnson, purchasing agent in the Procurement Department, moved to the United States from Italy in 2004. At the time, her husband was the only person she knew here. Now, after over nine years of working at Valencia, her coworkers have become good friends and even like family to her. “I’ve […]

Featured Colleague — Ross Laverdure

By Laura Knight Ross Laverdure, student services advisor at the Osceola Campus, says that he is proud to work at Valencia because of the constructive impact the campus has on the Osceola County community. “I am from Osceola County and I live in Osceola County. The best thing about working here is that I run […]