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Managing Smart: Tips for Performance Management

One of the most important aspects of supervision is leveraging available skills, tools and resources in providing ongoing support and development to the members of our teams. As you develop your team members, here are tools you may find useful: Coaching People are our purpose. It is important that we set aside the time necessary […]

Managing Smart: Committing to Performance Management

None of the work we accomplish at the College is possible without the collective support of talented individuals serving across the College. In support of our employees’ efforts, one of the most important aspects of supervision is leveraging available skills, tools and resources in providing ongoing support and development to the members of our teams. […]

Managing Smart – Valencians Share Advice for New Supervis...

Left to right: Abby Nobili, Scott Creamer and Mike Favorit Three Valencia College supervisors were asked what advice they would share with new supervisors that they wish they knew when they were new supervisors at the College. Check out their responses below. Advice Abby Nobili, assistant director, transitions planning, has some procedural advice for new […]

Managing Smart: How Maxi Arias Keeps His Three-Campus...

By Dani Moritz-Long The assistant director of the Client Service Center, Maxi Arias manages 10 people in three different locations: West Campus, Osceola Campus and Poinciana Campus. This geographically diverse team, which also currently includes 11 work study students, presents its fair share of challenges. But, despite these challenges, Maxi’s team is thriving, well-connected and engaged in […]

Managing Smart: Preparing for Beginning-of-Year Faculty...

By Sam Dunham, Assistant Director, Employee Development Here at Valencia College, we value the development and sustainment of an environment where all employees can achieve their goals and have an opportunity to share their successes. We consider Faculty Evaluations and the Check-In as essential components that contribute to that environment. We take part in evaluations because […]

Managing Smart: Practical Application of Brené...

By Marie Vasquez-Brooks, Dean, School of Allied Health I value the incredible resources at Valencia College that prioritize professional development in supportive, group settings. Having the opportunity to brainstorm best practices with colleagues proves invaluable. Two recent resources presented through our institutional Dean Learning Community and Supervisor Summit truly spoke to me personally, and I was determined to […]

Managing Smart: Dealing with Employee Turnover on Your Team

By Ryan Kane, Assistant Vice President, Organizational Development and Inclusion, and Lauren Kelly, Director, Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations Change is a natural part of an organizational lifecycle. Part of change is employee transition and turnover. When an employee leaves — if for an internal or external opportunity — often times the colleagues that remain struggle to […]

Managing Smart: Creative Ways to Facilitate an Effective ...

A Message from Katie Tagye, Director, Organizational Design and Development Like lessons, workshops and retreats, meetings should be planned in advance. Planning is much more than just setting aside time to chat; a meeting is an opportunity to discuss issues, improve communication, promote coordination of a project or deal with any roadblocks that may impact deadlines. While […]

Managing Smart: How to Practice Mindfulness at Work

By Sally Leslie, Coordinator Employee Development For some time now, Employee Development has offered a Mindfulness at Work workshop that outlines ways in which we can cultivate mindfulness and calmness into our work day. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have found that people spend almost 47 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than […]

Managing Smart: How Microsoft Teams Can Take Your...

By Sally Leslie, Coordinator Employee Development Recently, the Employee Development team began using the Microsoft Teams planning and collaboration software for all of our collaborative needs. Free to all Valencia employees as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications, we can attest that Teams is amazing. If you have already attended, or plan to […]