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Managing Smart: 8 Key Elements of a Good Working Relation...

Former University of California at Los Angeles basketball coach John Wooden said, “The coach must never forget that he is, first of all, a teacher. He must come (be present), see (diagnose) and conquer (correct).” A student (or as a Valencia supervisor, your employee) is more likely to be receptive to the correction of a […]

Managing Smart: Using the ‘Yes, And…’...

By Sally Leslie, Coordinator, Employee Development I remember my best friend saying to me years ago, “When we first met, I knew we would get along very well because you made me feel welcome — like I was part of the group — even though I didn’t know anyone.” My life has taken me through three […]

Managing Smart: Employee Development Workshops

By Dani Moritz-Long At Valencia, each of us is respected and appreciated for our unique personalities, talents, skills and characteristics — which is one of the many things I’ve come to love about Valencia’s empowering work environment. This commitment to celebrating our diversity (which extends far beyond race and gender) is apparent in our daily […]

Managing Smart: Supporting Employees and Students With...

By Sally Leslie, Coordinator, Employee Development It’s one thing to recognize our own challenges, and another to recognize challenges in others. As a supervisor, however, it’s imperative that you become familiar with the signs of mental health struggles. Mental health is a very real issue and can leave people feeling both emotionally and physically debilitated. […]

Managing Smart: Making the Most of Check-Ins

By Dani Moritz-Long It’s all too easy to brush off the Beginning-of-Year Check-In as a monotonous task on your already overwhelming to-do list. I get it. With immediate assignments to tackle and projects to start, annual conversations about skill and goal development can seem superfluous. The reality is, though, they’re anything but. If used properly, the Check-In can […]

Managing Smart: Why the Empathetic Leader Is the Best Leader

In an issue of SUCCESS magazine, expert in inspirational leadership Simon Sinek shares why there is a biological need to be part of an altruistic organization and how the daily practice of putting the well-being of others first can build your relationship with your employees, and, as a result, decrease turnover. Click here to read more… Source: SUCCESS Magazine

Managing Smart: 6 Tips to Balance the Work-Life Seesaw

We’re always searching for a perfect harmony when it comes to our work-life balance, and Jeff Davidson, writer for SUCCESS magazine, shares six ways to achieve just that. Click here to read more… 

Managing Smart: 3 Unconventional Traits You Need to...

In the latest issue of SUCCESS magazine, Briana and Peter Borten share three unconventional , plant-inspired traits people need to achieve their goals. Click here to read more… Source: SUCCESS Magazine

Managing Smart: Seven Personality Traits of a Great Leader

In an article written for SUCCESS, Jim Rohn shares seven personality traits to transform leaders from good to great. As Jim says, “the key is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership is the ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills and opportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager, as a parent.” Click […]

Managing Smart: 8 Ways to be More Mindful at Work

An article written in SUCCESS addresses how stress, anxiety and depression seem to be on the rise. By doing eight things, however, you can be more mindful and balanced during the work day. Click here to read more…