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PDP End/Beginning Phase: Preparing for the Conversation

As the end/beginning of the Performance Development Process (PDP) Cycle draws near, many supervisors find that it’s an effective use of time to combine PDP conversations for the end of year review, with setting and creating objectives for the next year. Tips for Closing the 2012/13 PDP Cycle Plan: Set up an appointment to collaboratively […]

Managing Smart: Lead with Hope

By Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D. Managers don’t necessarily have the budget or staff they need or want, but they do have an infinite resource—their own hope and the hopeful thinking of their followers. Your hope for the future can make hope happen for the people who work for you. Employees need your hope, according to […]

Essential Supervisors Competencies Certificate Program...

The second cohort of the Essential Supervisory Competencies (ESC) Certificate Program met on Tuesday, February 26, for a mid-point gathering to engage in activities that put their supervisory competencies to work using “real life” scenarios and situations. During this workshop, supervisors shared how they are implementing the skills they are learning in the ESC program, […]

Help Share Retirement Benefits Information

Within the next month, the Annual Retirement Benefits Guides will be delivered college-wide to all full-time employees. Flyers will also be delivered to all part-time and adjunct employees. As a supervisor, your support in ensuring the guides and flyers are received by your employees is greatly appreciated. Distribution of this information is a federal requirement. […]

Managing Smart: Take a Time-Out for Your Team to Reflect

By Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg Experts talk a great deal these days about the importance of action in managerial work—managers must be doers. That goes without saying. But they also must be thinkers. They need to take time to reflect on the meaning of everyday experiences. The Latin origin of the word “reflection” lends […]

Continue the Celebration – Tips for Recognizing Your Team

Learning Day 2013 marked the beginning of a new era and represented the college’s commitment to investing in each other. For the first time, faculty and staff were honored and recognized for their   workplace excellence and years of service during this college-wide event. As a supervisor, you can keep the recognition and appreciation going! Your […]

Managing Smart: Be a Change Capitalist

By Christina Schlachter  Change is inevitable and constant in today’s workplace. Managers can either fight it or become part of the solution. To do the latter, you need to capitalize on change initiatives to show your value as a leader. Here are five powerful ways to be an effective change leader: Support organizational goals with […]

New Year, New PDP Cycle: Time to Pre-Plan

The Performance Development Process (PDP) Pre-Planning phase runs from January through April and is a time intentionally established to assess your departmental needs, review budgets, and establish goals that outline your department’s work in the next fiscal year. Effective pre-planning will enable effective and meaningful conversations with employees as you establish individual development goals in […]

Share Your Experience: Mentoring

Collectively, we have the answers to solve any challenge, so we invite you to share stories and provide input on practical leadership topics and scenarios. This month, we invite you read the following scenario and share your own personal experiences with mentoring by leaving a comment below Scenario: No matter how far along we are […]

Supervisor Support: A Key Ingredient for Employee...

One of the many ways Valencia “Invests in Each Other” (Strategic Goal #3) is through our college Wellness Program, which is dedicated to creating a community of employees with healthier bodies and minds. Often, the biggest obstacle to living a healthier lifestyle is convenient access to information, resources, and classes. Providing information and personal enrichment classes focused on exercise, nutrition, […]