Talent Sharing Program Shows Growth and Promise

Thursday, August 20, 2020

By Camille Hernandez, Assistant Director, Conferencing and College Events

The Talent Sharing program started in mid-July to help connect employees who have availability and capacity with teams and departments that have a need for additional support. Since its inception, we have received 18 requests for talent, and more than 30 employees willing to share their talent.

An example of one of our matches includes Kassy Holmes, project director, ENGAGE STEM, who requested assistance for the virtual mentorship of students who are part of the LSAMP Scholars showcase. In Kassy’s request, the talent sharers would help students design and develop a safe, hands-on research project topic that can be completed by students at home within one semester, allowing students to complete at least 40 hours of research.

The talent sharer would meet with students at least bi-weekly, review and provide feedback and guidance on the students’ research poster. The right match would be available for one to three hours per week, although students may need more support at the start of the fall semester as they design their projects.

There would be very little training needed, other than one meeting with the LSAMP project director to gain a better understanding of the program and commitment.

After receiving Kassy’s request for assistance, the Talent Sharing team matched Lab Supervisor Robby Pletcher and Instructional Lab Assistant Paul Eisenbrown to this program. Although they have not been paired as of yet, they are working on brainstorming ideas and will get started mentoring in the coming weeks. We look forward to following this partnership and sharing the projects they will work on with the mentees in a few weeks.

The temporary sharing program follows our Temporary Duty Policy. Participants will work at their current rate of pay, and assignments will last no longer than six months. When thinking of this opportunity, please think critically about the current workload of each member on your team.

If you need support, please discuss your team’s need with your supervisor to determine if there is additional support that can be offered from within your division. Consider what needs are required in your area, such as duties/tasks to be completed. Does the project require specific access? How much support is needed? If support is unavailable, complete the Talent Sharing Program Request Form.

If you have any questions, contact me at chernandez165@valenciacollege.edu or 407-299-5000, extension 5786.

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