Tips for Creating Your Valencia College Email Signature

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A Message from Traci Bjella, Assistant Vice President, Marketing

When it comes to your official Valencia College email signature, our Marketing team has made it simple to create a professional-looking signature that is easy to read and meets our brand standards.

The general email signature structure that Marketing recommends provides consistency for all Valencia College email communications while also allowing for flexibility to add or omit information to best suit your needs. When we align our communications with a standard and consistent email signature, we help to promote the brand that our students (and beyond) know and love. Follow these tips to create your signature:

  • Less is more — especially when it comes to your email signature. About four to five lines of text is perfect.
  • To shorten our email signatures, the Marketing team recommends skipping the Valencia College name. But, if you’d absolutely like to include the College’s name, include it after your name, for example: Joe Smith, Valencia College.
  • Avoid using background colors and patterns as they compromise legibility and create inconsistencies across our communications.
  • Do not include images or logos, even if it’s the Valencia College logo, as these images may come across as attachments.
  • Always use Arial, which is one of Valencia College’s approved fonts.
  • Don’t use colored type. The preferred type color is black to allow for better readability.
  • Font size should between 10 and 12 points. Do not vary the font size.
  • To retain our Valencia College website hyperlink in rich text emails, hyperlink URL using:

Here is an example that you may copy, paste and customize:

First Name, Last Name

T 407-582-XXXX

To learn how to set up or edit a signature in Microsoft Outlook, visit the Microsoft website.

For details on email signatures, visit the Brand website.

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