Top Five Ways to Get Rid of Your Ink Cartridge Without Sending a Collegewide Email

ink-cartridges-groveYou may have noticed a few email messages lately from colleagues who are vying to get rid of unused toner cartridges for their printers. It begins with the best intentions, we know, but when those well-intended aims result in more than 8,000 emails*, our systems feel the pinch.

So what do you do if sending out a collegewide email isn’t the solution? To help with this quandary, listed below are the top five ways you can reach out to your colleagues, if there’s ever a need to lighten your toner cartridge load. By using one or more of these tips, you’ll not only find a suitable home for your ink cartridge, you’ll also save time and College resources and lessen the burden on our email server. Now let’s start the countdown:

Number 5. Downsize your office printing: Many of us work in environments that allow for the use of centrally located copiers, fax machines and printers. As dreaded as it may seem, you may consider going green and partnering with the Office of Sustainability and OIT (Office of Information Technology) to find a good home or properly dispose of your old desktop printer.

Number 4. Make use of your campus distribution list: This is a very important step to consider. Located within Outlook are several “targeted” distribution lists that help you reach specific employee groups, and one of the best practices in getting out messages effectively is to consider your audience. Since it is highly unlikely that one of your colleagues, for example, from Osceola campus would travel to East campus to procure a toner cartridge or vice versa, it’s best to — if you must send out your request via email — to only send to your campus, using the campus distribution list in Outlook. This eliminates thousands of emails being sent to your fellow employees at other campuses and many who don’t have offices (or printers).

Number 3. Include in an upcoming issue of The Juice: The Juice is an email newsletter that goes out weekly, every Tuesday, to all employees. Since many of your colleagues are reading this weekly, why add to the collegewide email spamming phenomenon? You can use this tool to spread the word about an ink cartridge that is in need of a home. If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t hesitate to email your information to, and your ink cartridge request will find a home in the headlines, and in The Grove’s Bulletin Board.

VBay_screenshot-270wNumber 2. Post in V-Bay: Did you know that located in Atlas, on the Employees tab, there is a channel called V-Bay? This employee resource, similar to the popular eBay, is an internal bulletin board that is created for employees to use to give away or sell items. So the next time you have something you’d like to part with, consider saving a few thousand emails, and post it on our V-Bay.

Number 1. Don’t stock up on printer cartridges: Take a cue from procurement, and don’t spend down your budgets at the end of the year by stockpiling toner cartridges. Our procurement office recommends ordering toner as you need it, since each toner cartridge has only a one-month return policy for the vendor. In addition, toner that sits on the shelf longer than six months may cause problems to your printer.

Hopefully, these tips have provided useful information with best practices and resources that are available right at your fingertips. Used properly, these tips will help you work smarter, not harder. Don’t see your best practice on the list? Please feel free to add additional best practices in the comment section below.

*Calculations based on one email sent collegewide to approximately 4,000 employees combined with the subsequent email notices sent collegewide to 4,000 employees to announce that the toner has been claimed.


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    Thank you for this!! Too many campus wide emails get sent out that are unnecessary

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    Great tips. Thanks for the relevant info.

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