Valencia Money Matters: Updated P-Card Procedures

In November 2012, the P-Card Procedures & Guideline Manual was updated and the new version (3.6) and has been posted on the procurement website to download. Please refer to the new version for any and all procedures and guidelines.

As a supervisor, there are many important processes that you should be aware of as purchases are made within your department. Following P-Card procedures and guidelines is the responsibility of the cardholder, approver, supervisor, and budget manager in your department. Ensuring that your staff understands and complies with the processes set forth in the manual is essential.

“This recent holiday break is a good example of what supervisors need to be aware of,” explained Mary Ellen Davies, manager of procurement operations. The college was closed for eight days during the Winter Break and many employees took additional time off. If a P-Card holder is not in the office to review their P-Card transactions, then they should not use their P-Card prior to leaving.

“Prior to a P-Card holder’s time off, back up plans should be in place to ensure P-Card transactions are reviewed in a timely manner,” Mary Ellen said. “If there is not another cardholder in your department, the procurement office has two buyers who can purchase items for your department, provided there is detailed information and funding available from the requesting department budget.”

Cardholders should never leave their P-Card in the hands of someone else or give their user name and password to anyone. The P-Card holder is responsible for all transactions made to their card. “We do not have cut-off dates for ordering goods/services because we trust our P-Card holders are responsible enough and understand that they must review their transactions prior to the next download,” said Mary Ellen.

Downloads occur every Wednesday at noon (unless otherwise noted) and expenses from the previous week are reviewed at this time.

The Valencia Procurement Card (P-Card) Program is designed to provide departments with a streamlined method of purchasing small dollar items, thereby reducing the volume of requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks generated college wide.

If you have questions about the P-Card program or procedures, please contact Mary Ellen Davies, manager of procurement operations, at or extension 5527.

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