Valencia Welcomes Ryan Kane, Title IX/Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer

ryan-kane-groveValencia welcomed new employee Ryan Kane on Monday, April 13, 2015. Ryan will serve as Title IX/Equal Opportunity Officer, where he will report to Amy Bosley, vice president, organizational development and human resources.

“My main roles are to respond to reports of sexual harassment and discrimination and bias and hostile workplace complaints. This not only includes investigation, but also campus outreach and training on these topics to help prevent those types of occurrences,” said Ryan.

He is focused on promoting a welcoming environment at our institution, free from all types of discrimination and to help members of the Valencia community understand each of our individual responsibilities to help create and maintain this environment.

By doing so, he seeks to establish a level of comfort and connection, where members of the College community can proactively address concerns and serve as a resource for resolution if situations develop.

“In addition, I want to help Valencia remain in compliance with all federal and state laws within this subject area,” he said.

For the past nine years, Ryan worked in student conduct and civility education at Towson University, located in Baltimore, Maryland, where he investigated and addressed issues of student misconduct. He also served as the deputy Title IX coordinator for the campus.

Ryan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science/government from Franklin and Marshall College and a Master of Arts degree in counseling from Towson University.

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