We’re Celebrating Our Students’ First 15

Thursday, October 29, 2020

While the pandemic may have delayed our celebration of students who have completed their First 15, we won’t let it stop us. Finishing the first 15 credits is a big deal, as data suggest that the completion of 15 college-level credit hours is a significant milestone on a student’s academic journey and is highly correlated with degree completion. 

Late this week, our Student Government leaders will email the approximately 9,000 students who reached the first 15 milestone in spring 2020 or summer 2020. In the email, the students will be asked to complete a short form in our Student Development engagement platform, Engage, and we will then ship each student a First 15 T-shirt, along with a care package designed by our SGA leaders, which includes information about helpful campus resources for students, including advising, counseling and learning support.

View a sample of the email to students below:

Students will be encouraged to share a photo on social media wearing their First 15 T-shirt. So let’s get together and show our First 15 pride. Cheer these students on for their great accomplishment and encourage them to keep going to complete their degree.

For more details on the First 15 program, visit the First 15 webpage. Students who completed their first 15 in fall 2020 received a message this week.

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