West Campus Announces James Vrhovac as Adjunct Senate Representative

A Message from Falecia Williams, President, West Campus

West Campus has created a new role to open the voice for adjunct faculty through their senate leadership team. It is with pleasure that we introduce our new adjunct senate representative, James Vrhovac, adjunct professor of English.

james-vrhovac-270w“I would like to thank you for this opportunity to take part in the shared governance process of Valencia College. I believe the best service I can provide in this position is to strengthen communication among the senate and adjuncts,” James said. “I look forward to being a part of fostering this relationship and building our campus discourse. As an associate faculty member, I have embraced and learned to appreciate the commitment and service embodied by Valencia’s culture, and I believe this position offers a rare chance to learn how to serve more fully our institutional community,” James shared.

Karen Cowden, president, Faculty Senate, West Campus believes that opening doors and building bridges for collective engagement in the governance systems is paramount to leadership.

“One of my platforms for running and serving as president, West Campus Faculty Senate, was to build bridges to honor all voices and connect individuals to have critical, compassionate conversations,” Karen said. “Divisions and departments have always successfully supported the adjunct faculty voice through their Senate representative. In order to move our work forward it seemed imperative to hear the unique perspective that can be gained from a campus-wide adjunct seat.”

james_vrhovac-karen_cowden-groveThe initiative to invite an adjunct with a minimum of one full academic year of service, and who is currently teaching at least two courses on West Campus, was approved by the senators. James was voted in during the September 2014 meeting.

In this role, similar to the adjunct senate representative role on East Campus, James will communicate and support West Campus adjuncts through a blog, which will launch at a later date. James can be contacted at jvrhovac@valenciacollege.edu or at extension 1084.

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