West Campus Employees Reflect on Orlando Mayor’s MLK Commission 2015 Humanitarian Awards Program

mlk-youth-awards-groveJennifer Mezquita, manager, student services; Tanisha Carter, director, Bridges to Success, La’Tasha Graham, assistant director, Transition Services; and Bernard Huggins, coordinator college transition, attend an event honoring Orange County students who exemplify Dr. King’s legacy of equality, justice, peace, respect and inclusion for all.

A Message from Falecia Williams, President, West Campus

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, four West Campus employees attended the Orlando Mayor’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission 15th Annual Youth Humanitarian Award banquet, “Living the Dream – Let Freedom Ring.”

The event is designed to promote Dr. King’s legacy of equality, justice, freedom, peace and harmony for all people by identifying peer role models.

Principals from middle and high schools in Orange County each select a student to receive a medal of honor in recognition of their exemplary humanitarian efforts, which include demonstrating character traits, such as serving others through volunteering. Students have also become role models in their schools. Honored were 59 students.

Trevor Anderson, a renowned performance educator, owner and founder of Better Every Day, served as the keynote speaker.

“Attending the Awards was an awesome experience as I was able to see the diverse group of young people in the Central Florida community who are doing their part to live ‘The Dream,’” said Tanisha. “I was very impressed by them as they have the potential to not only impact their local community but the nation at large with their ideas, hopes and dreams for the future. I was honored to represent Valencia College at this event.”

Said Bernard, “Very often as professionals and educators, we place emphasis on the skills and knowledge that our youth lack so we can address them, and rarely do we take the time to celebrate their accomplishments. To have an entire evening dedicated to recognizing the great contributions of our young people to the local community was powerful, refreshing and inspirational. I am confident that Dr. King would be proud.”

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