West Campus Faculty Change of Guard 2015

By Karen Cowden, Professor of Reading and Faculty Fellow

I am pleased to welcome Ruby Alvarez, professor of nursing, as your 2015 West Campus faculty senate president. Also, it is a genuine honor to introduce you to your discipline/at-large team members.


Left: Ruby Alvarez receives the gavel from 2014 West Campus Faculty Senate President Karen Cowden.

Right: Ruby Alvarez is pictured with Rudy Darden, professor of English and faculty senate vice president, and David Curtis, professor of biology and faculty senate secretary.

wc-faculty-senate-1415-groveDiscipline/at-large team members include:

Standing left to right: James Vrhovac, (English); Cindy Bell (EMS), Diane Gomez (nursing), Tullio Bushrui (counselor), Sherrie Smith (nursing), Mayra Holzer (speech), Jeffery Donley (arts & humanities), Betsy Brantley (biology), Karen Cowden (reading), Barry Bunn (business), Desiree Voita (nursing), Tyler Branz (political science), Lynn Howard (mathematics), Jackie Lindbeck (biology), Barbara Lopez (office systems manager), Bobbie Sartor (EMS) and Rick Pal (mathematics)

Seated left to right: Beth King (librarian), Jamy Chulak (respiratory care), David Curtis (biology), Rudy Darden (English), Ruby Alvarez (nursing), Soheyla Nakhai (computer engineering technology), Pam Sandy (dental hygiene), Bruce Weisenbarger (EMS) and Barbara Ball (sonography)

As your outgoing senate president, it has been my deep honor to partner with the representatives and campus leadership to support your voice. My platforms for 2014 were to:

  • Continue transparent, regular communication of campus and College events both large and small.
  • Practice planning and regular patterns of review, being mindful of implications that could impact students, faculty or staff.
  • Be inclusive of all faculty (full-time and adjunct in any contract role).
  • Allow space for all voices and “venting,” even through sweeping change.
  • Build community and service on our campus and throughout our culture.

In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, former British prime minister, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” My presidency has been full of action, and I know Ruby is ready to continue the tradition of serving West Campus faculty as a valuable advocate.

Ruby shared, “My plans are to continue transparency between administration and faculty as well to continue to build an all-inclusive culture between faculty and adjunct faculty. I love to empower others to reach their goals and look forward to everyone working together for the common good of the campus.”

Faculty members who have ideas or concerns may share with their department faculty senator or email Ruby at ralvarez15@valenciacollege.edu.

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